iPod shuffle: no good for podcasting

Russell just had to learn that, too.

I was holding back my buying decision for a new MP3 player until Macworld – I was hoping for something below the iPod mini, but *with* a display.

The shuffle is all wrong for several reasons: I often listen to Podcasts, so I like to know which one is playing, and which one is next. No way to do this without a display.

The other problem is iTunes: I don’t just use it to store music – I also manage my podcasts and audiobooks there. So, even if I were to buy a shuffle for music, I would have to tell it to not shuffle any audiobooks or podcasts on the device – it’s no good following up 5 nice tunes with chapter 17 of some audiobook ;)

Seriously, Apple: that’s not what I’ve been waiting for… Creative Zen Micro, here I come!

But the Mac mini is damn nice :)

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