First Apple rumour – EVER

From The Cult of Mac:

Aug 21 1982, 3:17 am show options
From: RUTG…@sri-unix – Find messages by this author
Date: Sat Aug 21 06:17:06 1982
Local: Sat, Aug 21 1982 6:17 am
Subject: Good rumors
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From: Ron &st;FISCHER at RUTGERS>
I have heard from a reliable source that there will be a SmallTalk-80
implementation for the Apple “Lisa.” There is however some question
as to whether it will be fast enough. This aside from the problem of
what Xerox will decide to do with SmallTalk as a whole (sell it,
public domain, etc.).

This lends weight to arguments that the “Lisa” will have a fabulous
graphic display. I believe it was mentioned here that it is supposed
to cost about $10k. This is unfortunately becoming a “market price”
for workstations, i.e. personal machine of reasonable power with
graphics display.

Anyone want to expand on the “MacIntosh” rumor, that there will be a
stripped down Lisa built for home use (or at the least be cheaper)?
Please reply to WORKS at RUTGERS also.



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