Podcasting: an aggregator in your car?

That’s what Jason wants.

Not a bad idea – a bit along what I wrote in april.

But, let’s be realistic: it’s a bit far-fetched to expect car stereo manufacturers to grok podcasting, let alone implement it.

I’m a bit more optimistic about a more technically low level solution. The appearance of car stereos with bluetooth is an indication that the industry is willing to innovate. There are also lots of car stereos with support for MP3 and memory cards. The next logical step would probably be to replace CD changers with hard drives, and provide some form of connectivity, WLAN would probably be better than bluetooth.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put the application logic into the car, as it would limit the applications possible, and would probably not be able to be done in a good way, either. An iPod like control to the contents would do it.

Just make it possible to mount the car’s drive remotely, and do all the apps on the PC. Just think of what would be possible…


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