Jeremy Zawodny switching back

I’m Joining the Majority by Putting the Mac Aside in 2005

Although this calls for flames by Apple fanatics, I can understand his reasoning perfectly. I also have to use a Thinkpad with Windows XP at work, and as much as I like Macs, I can see the plethora of problems that I would be fighting against would I try to use a Mac.

However, there is one line in his post that supports my statements in the last post:

“The Mac isn’t going to collect dust. I still use NetNewsWire daily. iPhoto and the Flickr plugin are still my preferred way to deal with digital photos. iTunes, my iPod, and the iTunes Music Store are still the center of my personal music world.”


“The Mac is my media computer. I see it handling my audio/video/entertainment needs for the forseeable future.”

That is the way I’m doing it myself, and that I can only recommend to others: use the right tool for the right job! If Microsoft and Apple (and others) are fighting for world domination – fine, that’s their corporate job. Me, I just want stuff that works best for the task at hand. Why become a zealot for one or the other when both have their strengths? It’s bad enough that religion does that to people, why do we have to fight over something as insignificant as IT preferences??

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