Live Aid

I wanted to blog about this before, but I didn’t want to give away Matthew‘s birthday present. That was before he told me he already had received 3 of them (we didn’t meet until a few days after his actual birthday).

So I’m keeping it for myself ;)

Back in 1985, this was THE event we all watched. I remeber stacking up beer in the fridge, buying cassettes and video tapes to record everything and basically staying up all day and night to watch it. It ROCKED.

Wil Wheaton has similar memories, and being the great dad that he is, he lets us participate in his generation gap stories:

“See?” I said. “That was during Unforgettable Fire, just before Joshua Tree. Those two songs they just played are the reason you have heard U2 since you were too little to know what music was.”

“Phil Collins was . . . ” I cleared my throat. “He was an international superstar.”
Ryan looked at me, genuinely confused. “Why?”
I took a deep breath and gave the only answer I could.
“It . . . it was 1985.” I said, suddenly not that uncomfortable to take another step toward becoming my parents, and silently grateful that the kids hadn’t been in the room when I was rocking out to Adam Ant.

I sooo wish I could write like this…

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