MDA Compact – even Russ likes it

Ok, so I got it yesterday, and I wanted to blog about it today (hey – give me some time to play with it, will ya?), and already Russ beats me to it.

I can’t fully agree with him (do I ever?), so here is my take:

My new job will involve a lot of time as a roadwarrior, and my employer uses Outlook extensively. So, although I’m not known to be a Microsoft lover, chosing ActiveSync over Hotsync is a matter of performance and saved time. I was given a Nokia 6230 at work, so that does it as a phone. What I need is PDA functionality. Being able to use that PDA for email, web, Music and the odd game as well is a plus.

With that in mind, there certainly is no better solution than the MDA Compact / XDA Mini / HTC Magician or whatever name you may know it under. USB charging is the cherry on top of it all.

I have to say, I really really do like the MDA Compact, and that is mainly because I’m *not* trying to use it as a “one size fits all” device. I still love a small phone to throw in my pants, but as a “connected PDA” type device this is as good as it gets.

More on this after I had some more time to use it.

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