Russ gets podcasting

What took you so long?

In my new job, my daily commute (one way) is roughly 50 minutes, so that finally allows me to catch up on all those podcasts that gather in my iPodder.

Speaking of podcasting – I entered into a conversation with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations regarding my requirements for ID3 tags in podcasts. It’s great to have someone listen to this, and I hope we will be able to find common ground in what *my* problem is, and possibly find a general way to solving it. If you want another example of how ID3 tags in podcasts should _not_ look like, take a look at Dave Winer’s 20 latests morning coffee notes in your iTunes or Winamp playlist.

While talking to Doug I came up with another idea: once you have a bunch of podcasts on your hard disk, it’s incredibly hard to find the right one if all you know is the content you’re looking for. Doug publishes an excerpt that he also sends out in email for each IT Conversation, and Adam Curry has even started to write production notes in OPML and HTML. Wouldn’t it be nice if those were included in the notes field of the ID3 tag, and if there even was a way to search inside ID3 notes? Is there any player that allows you to do that?

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