Podcasting: ID3 tag incosistency

Doug Kaye wrote about ID3 tags in podcasts a while ago. Now that I’m listening to more than one feed through iPodder, this becomes an important issue.

The one thing I don’t like about iPodder is that it insists on creating a separate playlist for every feed. This not only makes iTunes unneccessarily complex, it also is prone to typo attacks and people who change the titles of their feeds. Adam, for example, appears in two iTunes playlists: “Adam Curry Daily Source Code” and “Adam Curry Adam Curry’s weblog”. As long as iTunes doesn’t support hierarchical playlists, I’d like iPodder to put everything into one single playlist instead.

The worst example for bad tags is the best feed in town, namely IT Conversations. Look here to see what the tags look like. Not only do they miss dates in the post, which makes it impossible to find out what the latest post is, they also lack any common scheme to find the files. If I delete a title from my playlist, I have no way to find it again in my iTunes.

Doug, please consider fixing this. It’s really annoying, as much as I enjoy your stuff…


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