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The guys over at Mobitopia (including myself) are mobile enthusiasts, and most of us work with Symbian phones and we talk a lot about everything that’s happening in mobile technology. There are lots of sites like that, and all happily co-exist, talking to and about each other, linking, trackbacking and generally having a good time.

There also is a site called, by a guy called Jacek Rutkowski. He is into Microsoft Smartphones, which is generally not a bad thing at all (I own a T-Mobile SDA). Unfortunately, Jacek seems to confuse mobile technologies with religion, giving him reason for a holy war. He’s generally very rude in his writing, attacking Nokia, Symbian and even Finland for conspiring against the overwhelming mobile superiority which is Microsoft (in his thinking).

Interestingly though, the thing he seems to be most upset about is that Microsoft won’t invite him to their conferences, even though he is such a pro-MS guy.

He gets extra credit by El Reg, which he also attacked personally before.

Concerning the Mobitopians, he has called us “The Symbian Mafia“, attacked Russ personally more than once, and generally goes on and on with his silly ramblings.

In the past months, he’s been continuing the attacks, and even came to our IRC channel (asking Rafe if he got invited to Mobious and calling him names for it ;) ).

We chose to ignore him, and that generally worked, but now he’s over the top: his server seems to have been attacked, and now he’s started calling Russ at home via SkypeOut. This clearly goes too far.

If the good people at Skype are reading this, I’d like them to consider a mechanism to prevent people from getting stalked. Thanks to the powers of the internets, this is now a world wide option, and there’s a danger to Skype’s business involved.

And regarding that nutter: get a life!

Update: Russ has more of the lunatic. I would also like to add the keywords “jpzr”, “Jacek”, “Rutkowski” and MSMobiles to the post. Also, please read this and the links on the bottom of this post to see what kind of guy we’re talking about.


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