GadgetGuy recommendation: iSkin eVo2 for iPod

I received my iSkin eVo2 iPod protective skin in the mail today (thanks to the fine people of “nd Skins – you ROCK! PayPal payment, superfast delivery – what more can you ask for?).

The iPod’s slim form factor is definitely one of the nicest industrial designs around, but unfortunately it also doesn’t provide good grip, and I constantly feared I’d drop it somewhere.

There’s plenty of cases out there, but the eVo2 got the best reviews, and now I know why. “Crafted from 100% durable high-grade silicone, the iSkin eVo2 has a stylish design with surface accents that’s sylish and elegant. It’s anti-slip grip and soft feel makes the already cool iPod even cooler.” It comes in a multitude of cool colors (I got the ‘lame’ ice version anyway ;) ) and features a screen protector and removable clip.

The eVo2 fits like a second skin, and it makes holding the iPod so much more comfortable. All the buttons are easily accessible, and even the connector is covered.

Highly recommended!

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