Dear americans, maybe this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be known as “the land of the free” again. I sure hope you will, as this is how I have come to known and love the US prior to the year 2000.

If you still don’t know what to vote, Russell Beattie has two very interesting overview type posts that make very clear how Bush has changed the US.

Bruce Schneier has a piece called “Why is it so hard to run an honest election?“. He cites lots of important facts about what would be needed to make sure the election results are verifyable, but he left out the main problem: you can’t fix a process with technology if the desire to fix it isn’t there, and the stakeholders do not support it. Which reminds me of a GWB quote shown on Fahrenheit 9/11 (on german TV yesterday) – sitting next to his brother Jeb on a plane, GWB says “we’ll win Florida. You can write that down”.

On the same topic: Dan Gillmor points out that Santa Clara County has instructed pollworkers not to inform voters of their right to a paper copy of their electronic vote.

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