Dongly things

While I’m re-evaluating my gadget strategy, there’s something else to think of: all the gadgets I’m carrying with me need cables. Lots of them. For some, a small charging cable is sufficient, others insist on a cable with some kind of docking unit. Some devices will need re-charging during the day because of high usage (Symbian phone with Route 66), so either a USB charging cable or a car charger is needed. Not all of my gadgets have wireless interfaces, so there are all the different data cables.

All in all, a longer trip may make it necessary to carry 10+ cables.

Nearly all of these gadgets already do have a USB type connector. Funny enough, none of them use USB for charging: the Palm insists on a cradle for the “universal connector” (hah!), the digital camera requires me to take out the battery to charge it, The N-Gage uses USB for data transfer but a different cable for charging, the GPS receiver only has a car charger, and my phone has two different non-USB cables for charging and data.

Ain’t that pure madness?

Is there any reason – other than a marketing related one – why it is not possible that ALL of my gadgets feature a mini-USB port for charging AND data transfer, requiring me to carry ONE USB cable with a car and socket adaptor? Wouldn’t that be HEAVENLY? I mean, is it asking too much that AT LEAST the devices using USB already do this???


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