Robbie Williams on MMC

It started with a little known german band issuing music on a USB stick, now we have Robbie Williams offering his latest album on MMC.


And we thought the music industry has stopped being creative.

Well… I’d say they still have. Robbie was cool about new ways of distribution before, so I’d like to think that’s more likely his idea than his record company’s (have you ever noticed how increasingly stupid the name “record” company is?).

Anyway, the MMC is said to contain audio and video content. The press release doesn’t mention it explicitly, but I guess the files will be MP3 encoded. The target audience will be limited to users Nokia phones and a few other Symbian device owners, so it’s more of an experiment until MMC phones catch on.

What would it need to make music on MMCs a success? There are loads of pitfalls: different memory card types (MMC, SD, RS-MMC, whatever) and the video content would have to be taylored for multiple resolutions. Swapping of memory cards on most phones requires removing the battery.

But I still think that’s good – any move in the comatose music industry HAS to be good.

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