Tagging PODCasts

All right, PODCasts are the big thing now. And I appreciate that – for me, it all started with IT Conversations, and now suddenly I have all these other people to listen to as well.

Thanks to iPodder, it all ends up in my iTunes playlists more or less automagically.

BUT: in less than a week, I suddenly have a plethora of different playlists, automatically created. And I don’t like that. Even worse, some of the MP3s are tagged differently in a playlist: “IT Conversations” is “Artist” for some and “Album” for others. This makes it hard to sort, search and keep current about what I have listened to and what not.

Another issue: some MP3 players (in my car, for example) have a small display that can’t display the relevant information to select the right track.

Here’s how I’d like it to be:

– iPodder should offer the alterbative to put everything into ONE iTunes playlist.

– “Album” should always be the source for the file, i.e. “IT Conversations” or “Adam Curry’s Trade Secrets”.

– “Artist” should then be the actual speaker, i.e. “Whil Wheaton”.

– “Title” should start with a short ID like “ITC: 2004-10-02 Whil Wheaton 1 Gnomedex” to make it readable in small displays.

Of course, as this is my preference, maybe this needs to be configurable in iPodder or whatever tool you use to download. Maybe the tag information could be in the RSS, I’m sure the RDF guys have some ideas on this ;)

I don’t know about you, but for me this would make a huge difference. As PODCasting gets bigger, the amount of files downloaded is growing, and good tags will matter more.

What do you think?

EDIT 2004-10-16: Now this was fast: Doug Kaye writes about his (future) proposed scheme for IT COnversations.

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