Laszlo goes Open Source

This must have been mentioned everywhere by now, but I just haven’t gotten around to actually trying it yet:

What is Laszlo?

Laszlo is an open source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications on the World Wide Web. It is released under the OSI-certified Common Public License.

The Laszlo platform consists of the LZX language and the Laszlo Presentation Server.

* LZX is an XML and JavaScript description language similar in spirit to XUL and XAML. LZX enables a declarative, text-based development process that supports rapid prototyping and software development best practices.
* The Laszlo Presentation Server (LPS) is a Java servlet that compiles LZX applications into executable binaries for targeted run-time environments. Laszlo currently targets the Flash Player. The LPS compiles LZX applications into SWF bytecode for the Flash Player, serves and caches these compiled applications to any Web browser enabled with Flash 5 or later, and proxies application requests for back-end XML data sources and web services.”

Now this is cool, isn’t it? I wonder if it will be possible to compile the applications into other bytecodes as well, such as J2ME or anything else fit for mobiles.

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