Scoble on Podcasting


“You know, if you were around in 1976 at the homebrew computer society, would anyone say “where’s the business in all of this?” F+++ no! Give me a freaking break! Wozniak, even 30 years later, tells people that he didn’t expect to see such a big business in the personal computer market.

What’s the translation? Sometimes you just gotta do what you love and let the money (and whether or not it really is socially important) figure itself out later.

Aside: tonight Sting (who was outstanding, by the way) sang over and over in one song: “be yourself, no matter what they say.” Same message. Have fun. Change the world. Podcasting, and Blogging, and Artraging, and Garagebanding, and Flickring, and Photostorying, and CarPCing, rules and no matter what happens no one can take that away from us.

Go out and create. The rest of us will figure out how to deal with it.”

Sooo true. Read the full article here.

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