Where are unlimited mobile data plans in europe?

Russell Beattie is at Web 2.0:

“Not only are the numbers there (160 million Americans with mobile phones), but every American carrier has reasonably priced unlimited data plans. DoCoMo introduced their unlimited dataplan earlier this year and they’ve got over 1.5 million subscribers accessing services that way, and they and KDDI are adding over 150,000 new subscribers a month. Those sorts of numbers are coming to the U.S. as well, and I expect more subscribers than this actually because that’s how we think about internet usage from 10 years of using the Internet. This gives the U.S. a huge advantage over other markets around the world which continue to charge by the kilobyte.”

This is a very important quote. We may have been 4 to 5 years ahead in europe, but the US has not only caught up, they are about to overtake us like they did with this thing called ‘internet’ – don’t bill too much for the bit pumps, bet on the applications that get created when connectivity is cheap!

I wonder if european operators will ever get this…


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