More on Ballmer and “Thieves”

Well, at least Steve Ballmer has managed to get attention. Unfortunately, not many people seem to agrre with him. Russell doesn’t, Richard tells us why even the legal term is wrong, and Microsoft Ueber-Blogger Robert Scoble has a whole list of people disagreeing.

I still don’t get it – how can he possibly think that anyone will *ever* prefer a DRMed device over a non-DRMed one? “No, thanks, I’d rather have the restricted one”.

People will always go for more freedom, something an american might understand (or maybe not…). As long as you can do things with non-DRM devices, I wouldn’t bet on DRM as a market force. If you still don’t get it, go an re-read Cory’s DRM talk (the link is for the nice PDF version – get the raw text here).

Currently DRM punishes legal owners – they can’t do stuff with their media (burn on CDs, put on an iPod, create personal mix CDs) that they can with a stolen version – so the “thieves” actually get something better than the people that spend their money on it – that’s just ridiculous.


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