Siemens announces Skype DECT phone

(Via (german)): The new Siemens Gigaset M34USB USB module acts as a gateway to IP based services for Siemens DECT phones.

The device will broker IP telephony via Skype to the DECT phones, and it will be possible to listen to audio files on the phone (???) and use the phones as a remote control for the PC.

You will be able to use chat services like ICQ and AIM on the phone, and display events on the phone display (weather information and such). You can even switch the PC on and off with the phone, and they also promise an API.

This is as cool as it gets. Actually, stuff like that can usually been expected from Apple – maybe it will be possible to use it on the Mac as well. This comes at the right time, as I was planning to get a VoIP phone anyway. I’m not sure if it will work with Skype exclusively, as this is not VoIP compatible – the article is a bit unclear about that.

Something to watch.

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