Kryptonite Elk Test

Ok, so Kryptonite offers replacement locks (although I’m not sure this applies outside the US, where they also sell many locks…). But is that enough?

The brand damage goes on meanwhile – somebody is selling a bike lock together with two Bic pens on eBay:

“Like new, this Master U-lock is perfect for temporarily attaching your bike or scooter to a pole or bike rack. This temporary attachment is very handy if your bike does not have a proper kick-stand. It’s sturdy steel design and black color are intimidating for thieves who don’t have a way to open it. Comes with two keys. Keep one with you, and the other safe at home in your desk drawer. Someone has put tooth-marks into one of the keys, probably by chewing on it.”

Time to come up with an aggressive self-mocking campaign like Mercedes did with the elk test, don’t you think? Maybe give away a pack of Bic pens with each new lock – Bic would surely like to play along…


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