MOXMO down

As Sascha Kremer reports, dutch mobile payment provider MOXMO seems to have filed for insolvency.

I find it very funny that the dutch press article seems to make bad press responsible for the financial problems: MOXMO had “acquired” (I’m still not sure if this was correct legally, anyway) all customer data of former german mobile payment star Paybox. They then started collecting the yearly service fee from the “customers”, and most of them responded by demanding a chargeback through their banks, which cost MOXMO quite a lot of money (banks charge between 10 and 15 Euro for that, and there are supposedly 30000 customers that have done that).

The worst part is that people actually liked the Paybox mobile payment service, and it was a kind of service that is still not available elsewhere today. So, MOXMO blew the golden opportunity to build on that brand, which Paybox had successfully established through their excellent marketing campaign.

I wonder which company will step into those footprints now – I find it hard to understand that mobile payment seems to be that hard to establish in a country that’s so mobile phone affine.

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