Has Microsoft given up on Windows Mobile?

That’s what Guy Kewney wants to know.

“Platinum sponsor was Forum Nokia; gold sponsors of Orange Code Camp were Palm, Symbian and Intel. Microsoft? Silver sponsor. And where were the Microsoft sessions? What, there were none?

Nobody is going to persuade me that Microsoft is short of cash.

Yet there was a definite lack of buzz about the Microsoft Smartphone platform in Poitiers. There were well-attended sessions for PalmOS, and PalmSource CEO David Nagel was there (riding a Segway, as it happens) while senior Nokia and Symbian directors backed up their technical lecturers for the code training days, which were also well attended.

So were the Orange sessions, of course – packed out. It was only the Intel sessions and (oddly) the Forum Nokia ones which were sparsely attended.

But if you look at the programme for the day you’ll discover no Microsoft “Windows Mobile 2003″ sessions. And if you recall, Microsoft cancelled its Mobile Developer Conference for 2004, restricting its mobile training to the mobile stream at TechEd 2004 in Amsterdam, earlier this year.”

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