Apple’s big Tablet PC

So the iMac G5 is here. I must say I’m not exactly overwhelmed – it’s simply more of the same in a different package. From Apple’s earlier announcements, you’ve come to expect more innovation, and that has not happened for quite some time now.

The most interesting thing to me is how everything seems to move away from the traditional form factor of the PC, except for those requiring it for special reasons (i.e. the mini tower G5 or the Xserve). Let’s say concerns of overheating had not made it necessary to make the case 2 inches thick – whyt would have been the difference between this and a tablet. Exactly – a touch screen and an internal battery. Handwriting is already there.

So, I guess it won’t be long before we see a Tablet from Apple. Make it small enough, and there’s your Newton successor (probably that’s exactly the reason why it’s NOT there yet ;) ).

What else? It makes me wonder if there’ll be what we call desktop PCs *at all* in some not to distant future. Networking is already wireless, keyboards and mice are, too. You can get wireless NAS storage for your router extremely cheap as well.

Bye bye desktop PC. Will we miss you?


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