Tom Clancy: time to retire?

I just finished Tom Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger. That was his second book after Red Rabbit that completely disappointed me.

Red Rabbit did not have a single surprise in the plot in more than 650 pages. Ok, a decent bit of suspense, but that only got built up because you thought there had to be something going wrong. But no, US plans were perfect, and everything went ok. Wasted time. After books like Executive Orders that managed to keep you thrilled for more than 1300 pages, that was really disappointing.

The Teeth Of The Tiger is very similar: not a single surprise in the whole plot. Everything goes smoothly. It seems to me that this is the outcome of Clancy’s rage over 9/11 – a black hat operation doing what the CIA can’t – wiretap the agencies, kill people that may be linked to terrorists without considering any rule of law. The book also features every prejudice you can think of regarding islamists (not really all that obedient to the Koran) and germans (eating Wienerschnitzel, silly pieces of germish in the english version of the language, fast cars, always clean and orderly).

Really, if this is all that Tom Clancy manages to come up with nowadays he should think of retiring and leave writing to people like Dan Brown.

Sebastian seemed to like it, though.

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