I read something about this yesterday, but it wasn’t until I read Stu Savory’s post today that I realised what this is about: Apparently “Diebold have a backdoor into the vote tabulator system which sums up all the reported results! They don’t need to rely on hacking their 4,500 audit-trail-less touchscreen voting machines. Diebold – or anyone knowing a 2-character password and the IP or dialup number of the vote tabulator system – can access it from a PC anywhere in the world and change the election results. Diebold have put a second set of books into the MS Access database used for the vote tabulation.”

This is just sick.

Read the details on BlackBoxVoting. This is a scandal – if this can not be stopped, I’m ready to make a prediction who the next president will be.

Bloggers in the US: Spread the word!

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