MaraI was beginning to pack my stuff for the trip to EuroFOO when my 3 year old daughter found out that I would not be back until sunday night.

She burst into tears and would not be consoled. She’s normally not that whiny, but she recently was away for 8 days at a time with her grandparents. As much as she loves them, being without mom, dad and her sister for that long clearly swamped her. We saw how much she longed for our presence ever since she’s back home.

Since this week and the next is my summer holiday for this year, she even has the right to demand that I spend it with her and the family. If you can stand these eyes crying you’re a tougher man than me.

I’m still honored to have been invited, and I really really hope I will be invited the next time, where I hope I can more easily make it. Have fun!!!

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