Avoid Houston Airport!

Bruce Schneier tells the story of the latest security measures for Houston Airport:

“Want to help fight terrorism? Want to be able to stop and detain suspicious characters? Or do you just want to ride your horse on ten miles of trails normally closed to the public? Then you might want to join the George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) Airport Rangers program. That’s right. Just fill out a form and undergo a background check, and you too can become a front-line fighter as Houston’s airport tries to keep our nation safe and secure. No experience necessary. You don’t even have to be a US citizen.”

There’s lots of analysis in the article pointing out how bad an idea this is, but here’s the part that always kills me:

“The most amusing part is the required certification. Applicants must certify that they are not members of known terrorist organizations. This makes sense, although expecting terrorists to tell the truth about their affiliation is a tad naive.”

I had to fill out a similar form on a trip to Chicago some time ago. I wonder if anybody ever ticked that box. If nothing more, this shows that terrorists may have an edge intelligence wise over the defenders – a scary thought.


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