Apple and Motorola bring iTunes to your mobile

Apple Computer Inc. and Motorola have announced a partnership to bring iTunes music to Motorola mobile phones.

Apple will create a mobile iTunes music player to run on the phones, music can be transferred to the phone via USB or bluetooth connection. Steve Jobs said “The mobile phone market — with 1.5 billion subscribers expected worldwide by the end of 2004 — is a phenomenal opportunity to get iTunes in the hands of even more music lovers around the world and we think Motorola is the ideal partner to kick this off”.

This may be true for the US, but I sure hope Apple has already started talks with bigger players in the european market, like Siemens and Nokia. Motorola may be huge in the US, but to win the european market, Nokia, Samsung and Siemens would be better suited.

It would be even bigger if they could bring all the operators that already started their proprietary download services to switch to the iTunes music store (which would be a smart move for the operators, IMHO – it makes so little sense to have all these different kinds of online music services, which are neither b ig enough to play alone nor compatible amongst each other to make it interesting for consumers).

A common player on more than one brand of handset would also enable users to keep their downloaded music when switching phones.

Imagine this – download music on the road, synchronize your handset with iTunes, use it as a remote when at home – bliss.


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