SAP takes corporate weblogging seriously

I just read on one of the SAP Developer Network Weblogs (registration required) that SAP will hold a meeting of their european webloggers.

“I am really looking forward to the Walldorf SDN Weblogger/Contributor Meet, because the top European SDN Webloggers and Contributors will be there in person. In no particular order so far the following SDN Members are coming: DJ Adams, Stefan Klensch, Karin Schattka, Oliver Stiefbold, Ivo Totev, Brian McKellar, Benny Schaich-Lebek (who will be on vacation, but takes a break from it for our meet).”

It’s nice to see that they seem to take weblogging seriously (I was doubting that after reading the senior management weblogs first). It would be even better if they enter the rest of the weblog world and begin serious interaction, though:

  • Get rid of the need for registration
  • Make the weblogs work with Mozilla (you need IE now, due to the login mechanisms)
  • Enable trackbacks and pings
  • Enable unregistered comments
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