Bob Frankston: A Bluetooth Tragedy

Bob Frankston writes another rant on bluetooth.

I have to agree with many of is points – bluetooth today is still bleeding edge, flakey and severly limited by the pairing mechanisms. I am just in the process of switching from a Nokia N-Gage QD to a Siemens S55 because of this. With the QD, my bluetooth car kit connection had to be re-initiated manually with intermittent bluetooth errors on the device. With my PC, I couldn’t get either device to accept the other one as trusted for more than a reboot session, having to re-enter passkeys all the time.

We may really need a different technology to solve this. Maybe low-energy WiFi could do the job, with underlying technologies similar to Apple’s Rendezvous to make connecting stuff easier. Today’s bluetooth stuff is not for the faint of heart.

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