Trouble in Sync-Land

I’m soooo sick of it….

I’m syncing a Palm Tungsten C against Outlook on my PC. I’m using a piece of software called HappyDays to create birthday entries based on data in the notes field of my contacts. HappyDays marks events in the calendar with a code in the calendar’s note field. Everything fine so far.

Enter syncing a second device. I also sync Outlook against whatever phone I happen to have. The current one, A Nokia N-Gage QD, seems to think that notes in calendar fields are irrelevant and strips them. So, after each sync, it doubles my birthday events in Outlook. Even worse, I can’t use HappyDays cleanup mechanism, as it doesn’t recognise the entries without the notes.

And all that because Outlook is too stupid to support multiple birthdays per contact (no, I refuse to have a seperate entry for each of my contacts’ babies…)

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