N-Gage: we’re in business

Fellow Mobitopian Ewan Spence has written an excellent review over at AllAboutNGage about the new Nokia N-Gage QD.

When I first heard about the N-Gage QD I was less than impressed. I liked my Taco, and they left out all the “good bits” that I bought it for on the QD: Triband, MP3, Radio and USB access.

On the other hand, there was one thing that I didn’t like about the original N-Gage: I couldn’t manage to make phone calls with it (no matter where I put the speaker, I couldn’t understand people properly), not mentioning the fact how silly I looked trying it. So, as I wasn’t using the original N-Gage as a phone anway, there was no need to consider the QD, as it can’t replace the Taco as a multimedia device.

Now that the QD is in the stores, I took a second look, and I made the mistake of actually touching the QD – it feels GOOD, exactly the right size for my hands, and the rubber edges make holding the QD very easy. It’s also a lot smaller, so it still counts as a phone in my categories.

Having said that, it’s a hell of a good phone, too. The “Classic Talking” works perfect, and there are lots of apps to add to your mobile experience. I learned the value of that when I stayed in contact with people during a recent trip to ireland via Agile Messenger and Wireless IRC.

To make a long story short: I bought it, and it’s now my main phone.

Thinking about it, Nokia are limiting themselves unneccessarily by aiming the N-Gage QD at gamers. The QD is a full blown Series 60 phone in an attractive casing. The two handed operation is much better when using advanced features like texting or email. Large internal memory plus the MMC slot are good for all kinds of enhanced business use.

I have show the QD to various business contacts. They all liked the device a lot, especially as it is basically the cheapest Series 60 device around. The missing camera is also a plus in business environments. The only thing that puts them off is the toy-ish look of the QD. Nokia seems to offer replacement covers, so why not add a “business cover” with a more reputable look? And please stop re-directing people looking for information to a games side – present it under nokia.com like all the other ones. I think I’ll never understand corporate marketing….

All in all – that’s a phone I really like. I only wish it would play better with my Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Car Kit – I have to manually connect it from time to time, so the bluetooth implementation needs a bit of plumbing.

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