Swiss Army Knive with USB Memory: travel version

Is this odd or what?

“The Swiss Memory USB is the perfect marriage of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design. It perfectly pulls together four important tools that no geek should ever be without (USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army knife, ballpoint pen). These functions have been skillfully integrated into this single super tool. Along with all these great features you also get the legendary construction quality and materials that Swiss Army knives have become famous for throughout the world. There is also a Travel Version that is suitable for carrying through airport security (it has only the USB memory, LED and ballpoint pen).”

Ok, let’s be clear here: the “travel version” is a USB stick with a pen too small to write with and a LED – 64 MB for $69,99.
Even if you can forget that 64 MB can be had for $20 nowadays, you pay $5 extra to get less, only to make your USB drive pass airport security?
I think I’ll pass on this one, thank you very much.

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