Maximum ambiguity

Heiko Hebig on CNNs latest news on impending terror attacks:

“Could a news report get more ambiguous? Is there any way to phrase it even more imprecisely? What are we supposed to do now? Duck and cover until November? Stock up on duct tape and water supplies? Are we just supposed to live in fear? Should we be reminded to pick a holiday destination outside the United States? Will European governments issue travel warnings for North America? Are you telling us Homeland Security can produce nothing more concrete than this? Maybe I will die in a car crash. Maybe not.”

You’re not supposed to do anything. Just be aware of the threats and that George is the man. Yeah right.

One or two weeks ago I read a blog that talked about how a terrorist attack – real or homemade – could help George W. to get re-elected. Scary thought. But just a fantasy, I guess.


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