Sony: clueless.

From thedigitalmusicweblog:

“Please understand my vitriol toward Sony, and why I think the company’s music products are worthy of boycott. If it were a simple matter of Sony being clueless, we could merely laugh at it. The infuriating part is that Sony believes the consumer is clueless. Sony believes that we should forsake the de facto standard of music files (MP3), with its gargantuan installed footprint, in order to bless our lives with Sony’s format and Sony’s hardware. The arrogance is breathtaking and insulting. Even Apple, second-place winner of the Arrogance Prize, allows plain MP3s into the iPod.
Sony’s pathetic Connect service will be crushed by consumer indifference. The Vaio Pocket will be granulated by the erosive power of a smart marketplace. And, if there be a technology god, Sony will sink into the dinosauric quicksand, never to torment us with its foolishness again.”

How stupid can you get. Have these people been hiding in a hole while they developed that piece of crap?
MP3! You hear me? MP3!!!


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