There is a life behind the screen

A site called iPeep shows where bloggers work. The creator describes what the site is about:

“When blogging, many people show much more of themselves than a picture can describe. But reading something can’t substitute viewing peoples environment. Since I’m a quite curious person, I’d like to SEE where people work to be able to get a better impression of them and their work.
Partly I was inspired for this site when the Meme-pics came up in the blogging-scene. I also found a few sites which already are showing desks/computers of other people. But one isn’t online anymore, the other one is in connection to a board with too many text and the last one is the opposite of what I’d like to provide here, a clean picturing of working space.
So, I thought, well I have too many time and webspace and why not putting up my own place to show other peoples places to blog, to work or to play (whatever).
The future of this site depends on the feedback I get in terms of pictures. So, it’s up to you to make this place living.”

Hmmm… guess I need to clean up a bit before I can participate… :)

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