Giving spammers a hard time

I’m sooo fed up with it – I’m getting roughly 200 SPAM emails every day (worms and virii included), and comment SPAM has increased recently, too. This morning I got 9 comment SPAMs from the same idiot.

I’m using SpamPal to filter my email, at least this makes my inbox readable. Yet still, I have to watch the SPAM folder for false positives (Steve‘s ASK email was in it yesterday…). Comment SPAM can be fought with blacklist, still I need to delete comments manually.

So what can we do? Technical solutions help to slow spammers down and/or make reading email less of a hassle, but this cannot be everything. I know that sending back emails to the FROM address is a bad idea, as this is usually forged, so alerting the alleged spammer’s email provider also won’t help.

But: the spammers need to leave *something* that links back to them in their emails, else they won’t reach their goals. Most of the time, this will be a web link. What if every recipient emailed the web hoster of the spammer and notified them? Wouldn’t they react just to get rid of all those complaint emails? Also, send a copy to law enforcement if SPAM is illegal in your country. Go to the spammer’s web site, fetch any email address there and publish it on your weblog as SPAM fodder.

It’s time we fought back, what do you think?


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