Taco’ed (again)

I have been looking for an MP3 player for a few weeks. I may be on the road a lot more in the future, so having my music plus maybe a radio with me would be nice. A 256 MB player will do, an iPod would be overkill (although iPods are truly lustworthy…).

So, I was looking at several USB players with Li-Ion batteries, the most interesting one being the Creative Rhomba. Price is between 160 and 180 Euro, which is ok regarding the functionality.

Coincidentally, I noticed the price for the Nokia N-Gage dropping significantly. Retailers are currently bundling it for Euro 149 including 15 Euro pre-paid and even a game (FIFA 2004). Now, being a FIFA nut (I have bought SEVERAL game consoles already only to play FIFA) I began to look at this a bit closer. I have a 256 MB MMC lying in my desk somewhere, so what about getting the Taco instead of an MP3 player?

Granted, the N-Gage is bigger, and batteries may not last as long, but it is also a great games console, a video player, runs MAME, has bluetooth – that’s a lot more than just an MP3 player. Oh, yes, some people have been seen making phone calls with it. But that’s not for me, I have a real phone.

To make a long story short: I managed to get a brand new N-Gage with FIFA for Euro 125. That’s a lot cheaper than a standalone MP3 player, and does quite a lot of things better. I’ll keep you updated when I’m through with installation. Maybe I’ll do a “what’s on my N-Gage” post.


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