Sex drives business

That’s even true for mobile, it seems. Remember good old videotext (BTX for you germans)? Even there, with all the bulky pixels, adult offerings drove the business.

Now we reached mobile phones with bluetooth: look here to learn how “toothing” works:

What is a ‘Toothing?
‘Toothing is a form of anonymous sex with strangers – usually on some form of transport or enclosed area such as a conference or training seminar. ‘Toothers meet by first connecting suitable equipment – such as a modern phone or palmtop computer. Users ‘discover’ other computers or phones in the vicinity and then send a speculative message. The usual greeting is: ‘Toothing?’.

In the past, the world has often found new opportunities, inspired by adult offerings. Maybe that’ll be true this time, too. There’s so much opportunity in bluetooth, yet there are so little applications.

Let me give you an idea, for free (I’m feeling generous today ;) ): why not install a PC with bluetooth in every train station (or any other place where many people gather). This device would then search for mobile phones with bluetooth enabled and request to send them a piece of text, maybe a URL. This could be used to send coupons and/or offer services that people with mobile phones might be interested in.

Great piece of marketing, isn’t it?

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