Nokia N-GAGE: prices in free fall

The Nokia N-GAGE offers in germany carry huge SALE signs nowadays: the latest offer by Toys’r’us is for EUR 149 (unbranded, unlocked) including a 15 Euro prepaid card, a 5 Euro download voucher, and a free game (FIFA 2004). That’s a good offer if I’ve ever seen one.

I wonder if Nokia itself carries resposibility for that: they fessed up to poor N-GAGE sales, and they allowed rumours of the N-GAGE 2. They also have refused to give sales figures for the device.

All in all, they don’t seem to proud of the ‘Taco‘, which makes it harder for retailers to sell it. A pity, really – the amount of technology that you can now get for roughly 130 Euro is incredible – even if you “only” use it to listen to radio or MP3, play Vexed or do some OPL hacking.

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