Joi Ito’s $3500 GPRS bill

Joi describes how he uses GPRS – exactly as it’s advertised – anywhere, anytime connectivity. Great, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the $3500 bill makes enjoying that “freedom” a difficult task. And that’s why people are underwhelmed by UMTS: they can’t even afford GPRS. And no, cheap (…) 5 or 10 MB prepaid packets won’t help much, either. When you think of the audiovisual world the operators are promoting, that’s *nothing*. And you won’t even know how expensive a session was – your phone may show you the number of bytes it has transferred, but that’s not necessary an indication of the price, considering roaming and other influential factors. You also never know how much of your prepaid data you’ve used already, or whether the next session will put you over the limit.

Let’s face it – until we get true GPRS data flat rates, neither GPRS nor UMTS will be too appealing for the common man. Message to the operators: don’t even think about pricing content before you’ve figured *this* out.


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