Germany: student sued for stealing 0.1 Eurocent worth of electricity

A german student left a train and tried to look up a phone number on his iBook. As the battery was empty, he plugged his charger into an outlet in the wall of the train station for 10 minutes.
As this was not an “official” outlet, the authorities are now seeking to sue him over electricity theft. The amount of damage he has done (40 watts for 10 minutes) is a whopping 0.1 Eurocent. (More – in german – here)
One more thing to note: the trains usually have freely available electrical outlets in the seats, so he could have used these to charge his iBook earlier on, for free.
A week ago I would have thought that something like this can only happen in the US… I mean – just tell him not to do it again – the judges have enough to do already.

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