Edd Dumbill has released BlueFOAF, “an application that scans your list of friends from your FOAF file and allows you to associate them with nearby discoverable Bluetooth devices. If their device is discoverable you will be shown their name and picture in a buddy list.”.
The pity is, the usefulness of this app as a Linux desktop app is rather limited – given the range of most bluetooth mobile phones in a building, you could probably easier recognise your friends by sight, smell or sound.
Nethertheless – thank you Edd for making the effort, we need more apps that try to show use for bluetooth and FOAF. He also says he’s thinking of porting the app to his P800, which would open up a whole new range of possibilities. Think about a dating app for night clubs, for example ;)
This is something that needs to run on MIDP 2.0 devices, ideally as a background app. It could let you register for different bluetooth services, like being notified of urgent tasks when you enter or leave the office, show you new stuff at home when you open the door (unanswered calls or voice mail, the shopping list your wife left you), or notify you of delays when you’re at the airport waiting for your flight.
There’s so many new possibilities (I won’t touch the many ways this could be used for marketing, though…), I can imagine a network of connected bluetooth boxes everywhere looking out for recipients.
Keep the apps coming!

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