Yes, I’m there, too. What a surprise.
I’m also on Friendster, Ryze, Linkedin and Friendity. But nethertheless, I think Orkut is different: it is the first of its kind that managed to attract lots of people I know, so maybe an invitation to something Google spat out is less likely to be regarded as spam.
It is also very much fun browsing other peoples networks, and discovering famous people here and there. I wonder where this may lead. This is something that has certainly changed in the last few years: people are much more accessible.
Generally, I would prefer a more integrated approach of all these networks. Why do I have to register on every single one (of course because that’s part of the business model, but that doesn’t make me like it…)? Why not have Outlook generate FOAF files and just go from there? Or integrate it with Plaxo to follow my changes.
Concerning the functionality, I am still missing some things:
– I’d like to get notified of changes and new posts in communities I subscribed (hey, how about a personalized RSS feed per member?)
– The search functionality is rotten. I can’t search for interests or keywords – you’d think with Google behind that this would be possible
All in all, the most promising one of its kind. We’ll see what happens next.

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