iTunes Music Store to come to Europe

(via Erik and Yahoo:) ” Cue said one hurdle Apple has run into is the age-old practice of staggered release cycles. Marketing and distribution timetables often prevent music labels from a pan-European launch of an artist.
A German music lover may have to wait weeks to buy what his friends in the UK are already enjoying, yet shortly after a track hits the radio airwaves a listener has already downloaded it and is swapping it on a file-sharing network.
“One of the things we are working with the European labels on is to get them to understand how the business works in the online space, and having them change some of their business practices,” Cue said.
While the industry has made big strides in the past year to make music available for paid downloads, the red tape is still a major gripe of the online vendors. ”
This is hard to believe – why is looking at the commercial success for the US music industry not enough for the europeans? Are these all people who can’t grasp that.
That’s sooo european – complaining about illegal downloads is probably more fun than collecting the money for the legal ones…

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