T-Mobile Germany announces Blackberry programming contest

T-Mobile germany today announced a programming contest for RIM Blackberry applications.
The contest is aimed at computer sciences students and will run until June 18th. The announcement asks for “promising” J2ME applications for the Blackberry. Contestants will receive the complete J2ME SDK for the Blackberry.
Officially they are trying to boost young programmers, but my suspicion is that they secretly hope to find a killer app, or at least a creative idea that may evolve into one. The contest site is the usual marketing blabla, and even the 20ish page PDF describing the contest is nothing more than the usual marketing pamphlet for the Blackberry. Where is the J2ME stuff that will make students curious enough to participate?
Hey, T-Mobile – why not just make the SDK available to everyone and have a “10 best apps this week” page? THIS would surely generate a LOT more buzz for your solutions.
But let’s not complain, this is still better than what ePlus does with the Danger HipTop. Although they are the first to offer a GPRS flat rate for internet with the HipTop (and *only* with that – not to be used with PDAs or PCs!), there is no way to develop applications that run on the HipTop. I wonder how much older I need to get until corporations realise that openness always generates better feedback than limitations – watch the iTunes Music Store!

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