Computer Chronicles

Russ, you made my day. I guess I need to download all of the movies at Computer Chronicles, I wouldn’t mind a ZIP file on the site :) I don’t know the series (I’m german after all), but it looks great. As a high school kid, we sucked in every piece of information we could get about those computer pioneers. We drove miles to get 2 month old issues of BYTE magazine or similar stuff. In 1984, where the series starts, I remember sitting in the school’s computer room, hacking away at Apple Pascal with Matthew and others, far beyong normal school hours. I *loved* these days, and today I still enjoy thinking back. I have about 15 old Apple Computers at home, starting with the Apple II (you can see some of them here), and I’m still not sure if I’d consider todays computers an improvement, were it not for the internet.


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