Text Messaging For Americans: a european take

Russ issued a call to all americans: please try text messaging! His idea was to make people realize that there’s more to mobile phones than voice calls.
Unfortunately, judging by the comments he gets, his call falls on deaf ears: it seems Americans prefer voice calls, as they are much cheaper. Here’s something for the industry to learn: match your services to your customers. In Europe, there are no flat rates for phone calls, long distance calls cost a fortune, email and internet are not as widely available as in the US, answering machines have only started to get popular a few years ago, so text messaging was an instant winner.
But the real text users are the kids: if you see kids nowadays, they often carry a mobile phone, head bowed and fingers dancing over the keypad. They can probably text faster than I can type with a real keyboard, especially with T9 (hey – is there a technology leap coming? Will keyboards get extinct by the time these kids grow up???). They will also be the ones to use MMS extensively, once it gets to prepaid phones.
I wonder how this is in the US – are mobile phones common amongst kids? Let me know.


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