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About a week ago, I have tried to re-activate my old paybox account with MOXMO. This failed with some strange error message, so I emailed them and asked for assistance. I could, of course, just create a new account, but I didn’t want to get into problems later for having two accounts (MOXMO claims to have acquired all the old paybox customers, which I still find highly disturbing).
Until today, I have not been approached by MOXMO, an experience that a lot of people seem to share, from what I have been told. There are other subtle differences to the “old” (funny attribute for a mobile payment service…) paybox service as well: there is no published phone number if something goes wrong, this tells me that they want to save the money for customer support. Bad idea. It also seems the shortened the messages when they call you to confirm the money transfer (by omitting the amount) to save on call costs.
I understand that paybox probably failed because they burned money too fast, but saving on customer service is certainly not the road to success. Chooo choo, cluetrain passing by!


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