Mobile Payment is back!

paybox is back – after suspending operations beginning of the year, dutch company MOXMO has taken over customers and re-installed the service in the Netherlands and Germany. MOXMO is backed by ABN AMRO bank, as paybox was backed by Deutsche Bank. MOXMO asks a yearly fee of 9,95 EUR and offers P2P payment, Online Shopping and money transfers.
It will be interesting to see if they manage to continue into the rest of europe before the competitors hit. SIMPAY is still nowhere to be seen, so MOXMO has a chance to continue where paybox left off.
Two factors may be crucial for success: will they manage to keep the attractive P2P and money transfer business profitable, and will they be able to move into enough online stores to earn money? Will eBay germany allow the same tight integration they formerly had, now that PayPal wants to start in germany? I will certainly renew my membership, mostly for the easy money transfers and fast eBay payments. PayPal will be entering the european market soon (there’s even rumours of ex-paybox staff joining them), but nothing beats paybox in terms of speed and convenience. A combination of the two would be too good to be true…


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